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What breaking changes are expected in the GET /users endpoint?

I saw that the Torii API GET /users endpoint has been updated to version 1.0.1. I use this endpoint extensively and want to better understand what I need to change to adjust from the previous version (1.0.0).

Expenses Data

I am looking to use the api to pull data from torii into a Goolgle spreadsheet. I want to be able to pull the expense data, but am not finding the api field for that.

Easiest way to generate a JSON payload using a .csv user list

Looking for the easiest way to convert the user data held within a .csv file to a JSON payload. Is this possible through the Torii Developer Community?

Has anyone tried to create a Microsoft Power Automate workflow for custom integration?

Has anyone tried to create a Microsoft Power Automate workflow for custom integration? We would like to see sample Microsoft Power Automate workflow for custom integration that we can use as a model to create our own in our organization.

JSON Sample

Can we get a sample of what the JSON looks like for a custom integration.

Which apps would you like us to build example custom integrations of?

We are looking for feedback on popular apps which you may want integrations for. If you are interested in getting user, license, and usage data into Torii for an app for any of the situations below, please let us know in this thread: - Where there is no OOTB integration and the data from the app is available through an API or file. - The OOTB integration does not support the plan type you are on and users / licenses need to be processed in a different way. - OOTB integration returns license and user counts that do not match what you see in the app's console.

Uploading a file to the API as a CSV

Could we upload a CSV for the users and licenses payload instead of the JSON payload?

Do custom actions support OAuth?

I'm trying to build a custom action for a Microsoft Graph API endpoint - this requires OAuth. Is this currently supported?

How can I add app owners in bulk to discovered apps?

I have a lot of apps for which I want to bulk set app owners. I currently have this information in a spreadsheet. Can I do this easily without going into each app in the UI?

What is the best way to add users for an internally built application to Torii?

Hi, we have an internal app for which we want to track users for - what's the best way to do this in Torii?