Custom Integration for any app with Workato

Triggered via Postman posting to Workato webhook

This guide documents an example of a custom integration where a Workato recipe is used to automate the 4 API calls.

The example uses two recipes:

  • One recipe to receive an array of users, and 2 arrays of license assignments then transform the data to Torii's JSON structure.
  • One recipe that us used as callable function that can be called by any custom integration you build to automate the 4 API calls that upload the data to Torii and sync it into the console.

Triggering the Recipe

The recipe can be trigged using the Postman collection accessible from button below once imported and configured for your workspace using the steps below.

Run in Postman

  1. Copy the URL for the Workato webhook address from the recipe's trigger.
  1. Paste the Workato webhook address into Postman just before the query string parameters.


Make sure the query string parameters in the request are not overwritten by pasting in the URL.

  1. Set a value the workatoIntegrationFilename variable.
  1. Add a Custom Integration from the Integrations view.
  1. Copy the App account ID value after adding the integration using the link the appears.
  1. Set the workatoIntegrationAppAccountId variable value by pasting in the data from the previous step.
  1. Start or Test the recipe in Workato.
  1. Send a request to the web hook from Postman.
  1. Confirm receipt of ok status in body of response along with HTTP 200 status code.
  1. Click the Close button in the Integration Added dialog in your Torii console.
  1. Confirm the integration has synced.
  1. View the processed license information in the Licenses view of your Torii console.

Assets Required

A downloadable Workato manifest file can be found here. This contains the assets shown in the screenshot below that can be imported into your environment.

The only configuration required for your environment is setting up the Torii HQ connection for your API key.