The Torii Developer Community offers tools, documentation, and sample apps to help you manage your SaaS tech stack.

Torii is a system of record for your tech stack and a nexus point for all things SaaS. Using our API, you can send data about apps, users, and licenses to the Torii platform. You can also send data to your core IT systems just as easily from Torii using their APIs.

This developer community helps you understand how to implement advanced SaaS management use cases by leveraging the Torii API and custom actions in event-based automation.

The guides are focused on Custom Integrations, Custom Actions and apps using multiple API endpoints for more advanced SaaS System of Record use cases.


Custom Integrations

The Custom Integrations section features a Quickstart guide, Google Sheets examples, and an NCAP / LCAP example with Workato. Build your first custom integration from scratch without writing a single line of code in less than 10 minutes using the Quickstart guide.


Custom Actions

The Custom Actions section provides examples of how to send event-based, context-sensitive data to other IT systems in your tech stack from Torii. Get started with custom actions with our guides for commonly used actions.


SaaS System of Record

This section provides information about how to build more advanced apps that streamline and automate IT processes using data from multiple API endpoints on the Torii platform.