Updating App Details using the API

This guide describes how to retrieve the list of apps in your organization and update app details

In order to update app details there are two steps.

  1. Use the List Apps endpoint to retrieve the list of apps in your organization. The response will include the unique identifier for the app in your organization. This value must be used as the app's unique ID in step (2).
  1. Use the value of id for the app you would like to update details for with the Update App endpoint. In the body of the request specify the field names you would like to update. You can update both standard fields and custom fields. The field names you specify in the body can be seen in the settings page of your Torii console. The screenshots below illustrate where to get the field names and how to use the request.


JSON Body Examples

  "c_test3": "Test",
  "addNote": "Test"
  "owner": 1000,
  "isHidden": false,
  "name": "Salesforce",
  "state": "discovered",
  "url": "https://example.com",
  "category": "Developer Tools",
  "description": "Awesome application",
  "tags": "DevOps,Human Resource"



You can use this approach to keep app metadata up-to-date from a variety of different sources.