Zendesk - New High Risk Application

Create a ticket using application risk metadata

This guide documents creating an application-centric ticket in Zendesk using their API. This type of action could be used to enhance your current automated process of assessing newly found applications, or it can allow you to automate a previously manual process.

More documentation on creating tickets in Zendesk using their API can be found here.

Custom Action Configuration

Method : POST

URL : https://<your-zendesk-tenant.com/api/v2/tickets

Query Parameters

ParameterVariable Mapping


AuthorizationBasic <your_api_key_or_token>


    "subject": "Torii High Risk App Review - [Trigger.App.Name]",   
     "assignee_email": "<assignee_email>" , 
 "comment":  { 
"body" : "Hi ,\r\rThe application [Trigger.App.Name] is showing up as High Risk in Torii. Could you please review it?\r\r[Trigger.App.URL]\r\rThank you for your assistance,\rIT Department"
     "ticket_form_id": 9303352163604,
 "requester": { 
"locale_id": 8, "name": "<request_name>", "email": "<requester_email>"
     "priority": "normal",
     "type": "task",
"due_at": null,
{ "id": <custom_field_id>, 
"value": "<custom_field_value>"
{ "id": <custom_field_id>, 
"value": "[Trigger.App.Name]"



There is an out of the box ticket action available for Zendesk. That action should work for most use cases, however if you require customization the custom action may be required.



You have successfully created a Custom Action to create an application-centric ticket in Zendesk using a their API.