Widgets are visual elements embedded into Torii.

You can add widgets to your plugin using the widgets section within your manifest file.

Plugins that support widgets will have a Widgets tab to preview the added functionality after installation:


Once the plugin is installed and data is available, the widget will appear on the Overview tab when viewing an application:


Widget Schema

Every element within the widgets section should include the following properties:

typeThe type of the widget. (See the Widget Types section below for more details).KeyValue
fieldsList of fields to be displayed within the widget. (See the Widget Fields section below for more details).

Widget Types

  • KeyValue - this widget displays its list of fields as key-value pairs, where the key is the field’s label and the value is the field’s value.

Widget Fields

An array of fields to be displayed within the widget.

keyA unique key, pointing to one of the keys defined within the app fields list.
Must match the pattern: app.<key>
templateUse this if you want to alter the way the value is displayed.
The format is: {{value}}
{{value / 100 }}

For: value = 5,
it will show: 5 / 100


  • Widgets can only be added if the app section is defined within the manifest.